2012 a review of the year

2012 from viva wedding photography on Vimeo.

OK so I’ve been planning on doing a quick short review of 2012 for the blog. I wanted to make it a short one with just a few of my favorite wedding photos from last year.

The problem being that by the time I selected a few images, there were loads and loads. I’m just so proud of the images that I took and the weddings that I shot. It was great meeting so many cool people and sharing their big day with them.

So to save your fingers scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the gallery (you’re still welcome to do that if you want) i’ve made a quick (under 3 mins) film of the images. So if you can take a look at that I’d love you long time.

Oh and try and spot me in the photo booths as well. I don’t often put those images online, so you should feel very / somewhat / a little (delete as appropriate) privileged to see them.

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  1. Awesome photos Adam! All the best for 2013!

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  3. Fresh, clean, crisp, innovative, unique and fun images Adam, you’ve produced some brilliant work this year. Looking forward to seeing more in 2013.