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More about Viva & Adam Bronkhorst 

With a silly surname like Bronkhorst (that no one can spell) I had to come up with a simple name for my wedding photography business that people would remember, and so that’s how Viva Wedding Photography was born.

My name’s Adam Bronkhorst and I’ve been photographing people since I was 11 years old. I’m well known for my creativity, skill and sense of fun. I’ve written books on photography, teach workshops to other photographers and I regularly contribute to photography magazines. I have a degree in Fine Art, and am known as Grand Master Flash for my legendary lighting skills (I love winter weddings, see below), I’m a self confessed movie geek and I adore Marmite. I also produce very cute kids (even if I do say so myself) and I can be found rambling on Twitter here.

I also specialise in shooting low light / winter weddings. I teach other wedding photographers all about shooting in low light, so these kind of weddings are great fun for me, as i’m often at my most creative with challenging lighting situations.

I shoot a limited number of weddings every year, as I believe in quality rather than quantity. When other photographers and creative people get married, it’s me and Viva Wedding Photography, they invite to shoot their weddings.

Still not convinced? Here’s what Rock N Roll Bride has to say about Viva Wedding Photography and what I do.