Brighton Hen Do photography

I don’t shoot many of them, but when I do shoot a Hen Do in Brighton I seem to get some really alternative and quirky ones. (here’s one that I shot the other year).

So this was a fun 1950s themed / styled hen do. I was asked to shoot the getting ready stages, just before the girls hit the town. It was a surprise for the Bride, who didn’t know that I was coming along.

I shot some documentary photos, individual portraits of all the girls and then we went outside to do a big group shot. And I can tell you that the when I took the last shot, there were quite a few guys walking past who got a right treat!!!

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Movie themed wedding

I shot the most AMAZING wedding at Shepperton Studios in London at the weekend. It was EPIC!!!!!

Here is a quick sneak peek from this fun movie themed wedding that had it all. And I mean really it was a super cool wedding. There was even a guest dressed as Chewbacca!!!

Oh and the meal was from the couples local Indian Takeaway (as it was their favourite food). Can you imagine the phone call:

“Yes I’d like to order a take away please?”

“Certainly, what would you like?”

“Oh, I’d like Chicken Tikka Masala for 120 people…….oh and do we get popadoms with that?”

I loved this wedding, it was so great and picking just one photo from the day was too tough, but I just love this shot. It totally represents a slightly new direction that I want to take my photography, this year.

Keep watching the blog for more images from this ultra cool wedding.

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That moment…

That moment when you realise that you’ve just got married.

I love that.


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Belfast Photography Farm

I’ve just got back from an amazing week in Belfast where me and Lisa Devlin ran the Photography Farm Elements workshops to a load of super cool wedding photographers.

Modelling for us on the workshop was the lovely Deci & Brideen, who did the last workshop we did in Belfast last year.

The last day before heading out to the airport Lisa organised a little shoot with them on the mountain just outside Belfast city centre and I tagged along. I wanted to try and shoot in a slightly different style and experiment a little. So I hope you like the shots.

Thanks so everyone involved in the workshops, we had the best time.

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Flicking though records

bride flicking though records in a shop in Rye

Part of my 31 for January set (a few favourite shots of 2013)

I love this shot. It was just a candid moment during a quick couples shoot at Sarah & Ian’s winter wedding in Rye.

We’d escaped the falling light and popped into this vintage record shop opposite the wedding venue (The George in Rye, Sussex) where the reception was taking place.

I’d already pre planned things and found a Dr Who record for Ian to hold who is the biggest Dr Who nut that I know….well actually I do know another photographer who may lay claim to that title…but anyway. This was taken on the fly as Ian was buying the record….he couldn’t resist himself….even though he doesn’t own a record player.

So check out the Dr Who shot with Ian in a Fez……because we all know that Fez’s are cool.

And if you’d like to see all the images from this slightly Dr Who inspired wedding….well touches of the Who universe. Check out that link.

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