Creative Brighton Couple

I love shooting weddings for creative couples!!!

Lou & Rich are a very creative Brighton couple. Rich is an animator and Lou does all kinds of creativness with paper. Seriously check her out.

So they got married yesterday in Bridport Dorset and we had a blast.  I’ve been super quick and got these sneak peeks out for them as I was dying for them both to see these.

So thanks guys for having us and hope you had half the fun we did yesterday.


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Harvest Festival Chic Wedding

OK…WOW….just WOW.

I shot such a great wedding yesterday. I wish they could all be like that and it was only 10 minutes from my house!!!!

It’s very rare that i’ll do two sneak peeks from a wedding, and unheard of to do three, but I just couldn’t decide which image to choose from the awesome wedding of Hollie & Will.

If you haven’t guessed the theme was Harvest Festival Chic all courtesy of Vicky at Victoria Lilly Vintage.  They pulled it off in spectacular style with all the guests told to dress in ‘country chic’. The ceremony was at Long Furlong Barn in Worthing, Sussex and the rest of the day was at Hollie’s Dads farm just up the road from where I live.

I’m sure to do a full blog post at some point, but for now just enjoy these pictures and massive congrats to Will & Hollie.

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Brighton Royal Pavilion

How do you stay creative photographing weddings in the same venue over and over again?

I always get asked by wedding couples if I’ve shot their venue before. I usually like answering a big fat “NO” to that question. Basically because I like to shoot new venues and getting excited about shooting something new; rather than taking the same photos every time.

Well there is one exception to that rule…….Brighton’s Royal Pavilion.

Why? Well I’ll tell you.

Living in Brighton, i’ve shot quite a few weddings at this wonderful venue….and it’s so unique that I really enjoy the challenge of shooting in there over and over again. And seeing how creative I can be in the one room that they always take you to for the couples shoot.


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Northbrook Park Wedding

Quick sneaky peeky from yesterdays wedding at Northbrook Park in Surrey.

So it rained when we were supposed to do the couples shoot yesterday and when I say it rained, it really RAINED…..thunder bolts and lighting, very very…..well you know the rest.

We were kind thrown out of kilter as i’d planned a great walk all around the wonderful grounds of Northbrook Park, with the sun streaming in amongst the trees, but that all changed.

I managed to grab a few minutes with Lauren and Jack between the starters and main course and we shot a few pictures, when I spied this wonderful shadow and thought it looked very graphic.

Sometimes you have to change your game up quickly as a photographer and sometimes something so simple as horizontal lines with a diagonal shadow work wonders.

Massive congrats to Lauren & Jack.

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Hendall Manor Barns

Ok so i’m not normally this ‘on it’ on a Sunday morning….it’s only just 8am. But i’ve got a stupidly busy week, so I thought i’d get these images shot at Hendall Manor Barns, Sussex, yesterday out first thing.

Anyway. Yesterday was the wedding of Tom & Lara, it was supposed to rain, really rain….it didn’t though. Which was great and a massive relief as all the images I’d planed were for outside.

So I thought i’d share these with you. They were shot at almost exactly the same time, in the same location, but with two different exposures. I find it really interesting that as a photographer you can shoot something so differently and that they have such a different feel to the images.

Massive congrats to Tom & Lara who are about to jet off to Japan for their honeymoon!!!

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