Fun B-Movie Photo Booth

The ‘I married an alien’ fun B-Movie Photo Booth from this cool and creative Brighton couple’s wedding.


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The Five Brides

So i’m always up for something thats gonna be lots fun, so when i’m asked by someone who’s wedding i’ve already shot if i’d be up for doing a post wedding shoot of her and her mates all getting dressed up in their old wedding dresses. I couldn’t do anything but say yes.

So I’d like to present to you the fabulous five brides.

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Fun London Wedding


I always struggle to find something witty and appropriate to say at the beginning of a blog post.

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Islington Town Hall Wedding

Ok i’m getting these images out early as I couldn’t wait to edit them.

I shot such a fun day yesterday at Islington Town Hall and The Amadeus Centre in London. With the lovely Gemma & Will and all their cool friends and family.

I just love winter weddings as it lets me play with light and get creative. So come on winter wedding people, get in contact with me as I WANT to shoot your wedding!!!

I’ve shot these two venues before and while I don’t really like shooting the same venue more than once, (as I don’t want to shoot the same photos over and over again) yesterday actually was cool as I really had to push myself to be creative and get something different and alternative from the shots.

So I well done Gemma and Will who are probably on a plane somewhere about to have a fun honeymoon.

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Buxted Park Sneak Peek

It’s sneak peek time!!!!

I’ve just shot an amazing winter wedding at Buxted Park Hotel in Sussex for Eleanor and Jon, who booked me because they love my off camera flash work and how I light winter weddings and couples.

So I thought i’d go a little bit out there with the lighting and coloured gels as I knew they’d love something a bit more out there and creative.

Hope you like em!

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