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13 Brides - Hen Do

ShootsAdam Bronkhorst10 Comments

Last week we got an email asking if Viva would be interested in taking some photos of a hen do. Nothing too out of the ordinary there. However, we were then told that the girls would all be dressed up in old wedding dresses and aiming to look 'tacky'. Well how could we resist.

Being based in Brighton, we see a lot of hen do's and stag parties, and have practically seen it all from the usual, cowboy boots / cowboy hats and girls dressed as devils etc. to the more unusual. But this was so left of left field, that we just had to do the photography for them.

We met the 13 brides (and one guy - who wasn't in a wedding dress, but looked great none the less), including the actual bride Anna, on Brighton Pier and spent a little while having some fun and shooting a few set ups quickly.

Many thanks to Anna and the rest of them for being such good sports and seeing the reaction that they all got just walking along, we know they must have had a great night.