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Photo by Emma Lucy Photography

There comes a point in every photographers life when they have to step in front of the camera and be the centre of attention. Well that is exactly what happened to me at The Photography Farm when the enormously talented Richard Wakefield of FX Media filmed an about me video on his Filming with your DSLR workshop. I'd been meaning to do one of these films for quite some time. They seem like the "in thing" to do at the moment and I totally get the thinking behind them. I've seen some really good ones on other photographers sites and i've also seen some really awful ones.

Well as you know I like to do things a bit different and while a film of me baking cakes / doing an engagement shoot / having a vintage picnic with my family etc. would have been fascinating i'm sure.....well it's just not me or Viva!

So I wanted something that was short and sweet (I always get board halfway through videos online. we even re-edited this one to cut it down from 50 seconds as that was still too long) and something where you get to see me on film, hear my voice and see something vaguely amusing. What more do you need from an about me video, I mean really?

So here is the film for you and a few behind the scenes photos taken by the lovely Emma Lucy Photography.


A massive thanks to Richard for being a top bloke and filming, editing, tweaking the film, Emma for snapping all the pics in this post and all the girls who took great pleasure in covering me in silly string and party poppers.