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American Trucker Photo Booth

Photo-boothAdam BronkhorstComment

So you have to check out this uber cool photo booth that we did for Lou & Pete's (sneak peek here) wedding at Cain Manor in the Hampshire / Surrey boarder area, the other week. Yep that's right, it's an American Trucker themed photo booth!!!!!!!

We came up with the idea after talking to Lou & Pete about what to do for the photo booth and they told us that they are planning on driving around Route 66 in the states, so BAM the idea just came out of that.

We sourced a giant Stars & Stripes, got some trucker caps, some flags on sticks, aviator sunglasses and of course some silly moustaches.....what more could you want??????

Massive thanks to all the guests who took part and really got into the spirt of our photo booths. And we love the quote from Pete (The groom) at the end of the night who admitted to us that he wasn't so sure about the photo booth when we initially talked about it. But thought it was just AMAZING when we did it and totally 'got it' and was so glad that they had one for their wedding.

Lou & Pete are such a cool couple, just check out the Wonder Woman & Superman engagement shoot that we did for them here.

You'll have to watch this space to see the images from their wedding, but we couldn't wait to show you what has fast become one of our favorite photo booths that we've done.

Hopefully, you can get an idea about what we did for Lou & Pete, by looking at the whole photography package of engagement shoot, wedding photography and photo booth. We always like to do things a little differently from other wedding photographer’s and give our couples more than just wedding photo’s. If you’d like to speak to us about your wedding photography we’d love to hear from you just click this link to get in contact.

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