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If you follow me on other Social Networks you may have heard that I've been in Belfast teaching other Wedding Photographers all about 'the way of the flash' with Photography Farm.

Well I've just got to say a massive THANK YOU to Belfast for being such an amazing place and having the nicest people. Me and Lisa Devlin had such a blast over there. It was 'Dead On' (as they would say).

So check out the group shot above that I took and below for some off camera flash action of the couple shoot that we set up on the second day where Lisa gave her Fundamental Rules of Awesome Couples shoots and her Kick Ass Marketing workshops.

For those of you interested I wanted to show how quickly and easily I could move between two very different set ups and what can be done with a little thought. So for the first shot as everyone was shooting the brilliant couple in another part of the old mill that we used as a base, I scouted round for some props and found a table and chair and a couple of other bits and bobs. I wanted to do quite a Victorian style traditional formal set up, as they were quite a young cool couple and I thought that would throw a twist into things. I set up one light with a brolly and although it looked cool, it was missing a little something. So I used another flash with an orange / yellow gel on it to light up the lamp on the table, to give the image another push.

The second shot was in another empty room across the corridor. It had a plain white wall (apart from a few scuffs and cool textures) and I thought i'd go for a modern fashion look as that would work well in juxtaposition (did I really just use that word) to the previous image.  As we had some balloons for the shoot it would have been rude not to have used those. Also Emma and Yamika were wearing colourful clothing, so I thought that would set off the balloons as well. For the lighting people, I placed my one flash with brolly roughly the same distance from the couple as I had in the previous shot as that exposure worked. This meant that I didn't have to get the correct lighting from scratch in this shot and was almost instantly set up to start shooting.

I hope you like the images and if you're interested in coming on a Photography Farm Elements and improving your business, we're coming to Glasgow next week as well as Oxford (22nd & 23rd May), Bristol (5th & 6th June), London (17th & 18th July) and Dublin (later this year), so please do check out the Photography Farm website for more details or give me a shout here. 'So you can'.