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Brighton Winter Wedding

WeddingsAdam Bronkhorst2 Comments

Night time brighton band stand wedding photo Hot off the press and straight to you, is this night time sneak peek of Rachel & Seb at the Brighton / Hove band stand.

Rachel had asked me to do a shot of them at the bandstand as she really liked the indian architecture that reflected the Brighton Royal Pavilion where they got married just before. I also asked her what else she liked and she told me the darkness behind and the dramatic lines leading in from the front.

In all the years that i've been shooting weddings in Brighton i've never shot at the band stand. I've always tried to avoid shooting here as it's been shot to death and I didn't know how i'd do something different. Well what I love about winter weddings is that I can really use my lighting skills to full effect, get my creativity on and make things look different.

So taking the blue from Rachel's fab wedding shoes I set up a couple of off camera flashes with coloured gels and lit the band stand how I thought it should be lit. So this is Rachel and Seb on their wedding day at one of their favourite places snuggling up in the cold.