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Brighton College Sneak Peek

WeddingsAdam Bronkhorst1 Comment

So here is a little sneak peek from the wedding of Mel & Roy that I shot on Saturday at Brighton College.

I had so much fun with Mel & Roy, they were both great in front of the camera and were up for all my silly ideas, like getting them to jump around with balloons. We also moved a load of furniture (which I forgot to put back, sorry Brighton College) to make a few other shots.

It was SO hard for me to decide which image to pick as the final sneak peek. But I chose this for a couple of reasons. I really like the expressions of their faces, I love that Roy is looking so sharp in his tailored three piece suit and Jimmy Choo's......yes thats right, the groom is wearing Jimmy Choo's and rocking it. Don't worry though as Mel wasn't about to be upstaged in the shoe department and is sporting some Christian Louboutin's under that fab dress.

Oh and whats special to me is that Mel said that she can see her baby bump for the first time in this dress, which is something I love.

I'll post more images from the wedding at some point in the future, so keep you're eyes on the blog.