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Brighton Civil Partnership 5th Anniversary

Adam BronkhorstComment

Brighton Town Hall / Pavilion / Fabrica Gallery Brighton Civil Partnership 

So I seriously can't believe that it's been a whole five years since Paul & Cass got married at the Brighton Town Hall. Well I say got married but it was Civil Partnerships back then. 

Warning the soppy side of me is about to come out......I almost cried when Paul arrived outside the Brighton Town Hall and was greeted by Cass. The love that these two guys have for each other clearly showed and I had a big lump in my throat and had to hold back the tears.

After the ceremony we walked around to Brighton Pavilion and managed to take what is still one of my favourite shots. (The guys with the kilts on at the beginning of the post) After that the reception was held in Fabrica Gallery in the heart of Brighton's Lanes. It was such a fun day.

So i'd like to wish Cass and Paul a massive congratulations and heres to many more happy anniversaries!!!