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Brighton Royal Pavilion

WeddingsAdam BronkhorstComment

How do you stay creative photographing weddings in the same venue over and over again? I always get asked by wedding couples if I've shot their venue before. I usually like answering a big fat "NO" to that question. Basically because I like to shoot new venues and getting excited about shooting something new; rather than taking the same photos every time.

Well there is one exception to that rule.......Brighton's Royal Pavilion.

Why? Well I'll tell you.

Living in Brighton, i've shot quite a few weddings at this wonderful venue....and it's so unique that I really enjoy the challenge of shooting in there over and over again. And seeing how creative I can be in the one room that they always take you to for the couples shoot.

So I thought i'd show you a few of my favourite shots from inside the spectacular Music Room.