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Winter wedding light

31 for Jan, WeddingsAdam BronkhorstComment

bride stands in winter wedding sunlight over looking brighton Part of my 31 for January set (a few favourite shots of 2013)

OK so this is slightly off from the normal style of photography that I put on the site and blog, but I wanted to show you that when i'm shooting a wedding, it's not all about crazy off-camera flash and me adding my own light. I capture a variety of styles and lighting sources to get the best image.

I only really put the elaborate lighting images on the site as thats what I really enjoy doing and I think it's what makes be stand out from other wedding photographers. However, clients receive a whole load of images, of which what you see on this site is just a very small proportion. If you've ever wanted to see everything from a wedding just check out the on-line galleries here. You may be surprised as to what clients receive from me.

OK back to the image. So what I love about winter weddings is the light. That may seem strange for a winter wedding as it gets dark around 4pm and most of the time i'm adding my own light. But if nature does it right....well boy does it get it right.

So check out Rachel looking, well just stunning in that low winter sun, standing there ready to rock her wedding at the Brighton Pavilion, overlooking the sea front and beach.

Oh and a couple of hours later we ended up going down to the Brighton band stand and I lit it with blue lights....well I can't let nature have the last word.

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