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Hendall Manor Barns - Winter Wedding

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I freaking love Winter Weddings!!!!!

These are a few sneak peeks from Helen and Alex's lovely and intimate Sussex Countryside Winter Wedding at the lovely Hendall Manor Barns near Uckfield.

A few things i loved:

The cold
The fact that Helen braved the cold in her dress and didn't complain once
Alex's classic BMW car
Alex's trilby hat
Hendall Manor Barns staff
The guests
Small Weddings where I actually get to talk to the guests
Ice on the ground and in the pond
The ground keep who decided to burn a big pile of leaves and create all that smoke

So massive congrats to Helen & Alex for a lovely wedding. 

Fun Sussex Countryside Wedding

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Ahh man I just love the weather for September weddings. It creates the best photographs. One minute it might rain, the next you've got dramatic skies, then the sun is shining and low in the sky. Bring on more September weddings please.

So this is Elle and Charlie's totally unique festival wedding in the Sussex Countryside. They totally did it their way and it was just beautiful. And man those skies..........more of them please.

Thanks so much for making me feel part of the family Elle and Charlie and massive congratulations.

Milbridge Court Wedding

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Friday was the wettest day that I can remember for a while, but it seemed that the photography lighting angles were shining on us at Vicky & Chris's lovely autumn wedding at Milbridge Court in Hampshire.

The skies cleared just as the ceremony ended and then the sun came out just as we were making the couples portraits and what beautiful light it was.

I first met Vicky & Chris three years ago at Lauren & Jack's Northbrook Park wedding and then again at Laura & Tom's Hampshire wedding and it was so nice seeing everyone again. I'm growing quite fond of that friendship group. The funny thing is that it rained at all three weddings, but we've managed to make some amazing photos every time.


Ginger Fox / Angel House - Brighton Wedding

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You've got to love the great British Weather. We'd planned to do a lovely couples portrait session at Devils Dyke during Grace and Mark's funky Brighton wedding at Angel House and The Ginger Fox pub in Sussex. However the rain had something to say about that, so you know what.....we just got on and worked around it.

We still managed to do a couple of group shots and it never rains all day, so when the light was right, I just grabbed the couple for five mins and we managed to get some portraits around the pub garden and roads outside.

Oh and I do hope that cute little puppies are the new wedding bouquet as they are so much more fun.

Massive congrats to Grace and Mark on their big day. 

Brighton Winter Wedding

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Brighton Winter Wedding

I can't tell you how much fun I had messing about on Brighton beach last night at the winter wedding of Zoe and Geoff, with a couple of flashes and some smoke bombs.

Zoe and Geoff booked me as I love low light weddings and specialise in winter weddings and being creative with wedding photography. It also helps when wedding couples come up with some great ideas for their photography and give me free reign to be creative and slightly alternative with their images.

So massive thanks to the happy couple as well as Brighton Pavilion (for letting us use sparklers) where they had their ceremony and the Ginger Pig in Hove where their reception was. 

2016 a short video

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So I posted a few of my favourite shots of 2016 earlier in the month, as I didn't want to swamp you with loads of images, as I hate scrolling though hundreds of photos on blog posts. 

However I did have a load more images which didn't make the final cut of 40 photos. So I decided to put together a short 3 minute films to show them instead.

Massive thanks to all the Bride and Grooms for letting me be as creative as i'd like, to all the wedding guests I had a laugh with, thanks so much. To all the other wedding professionals, thanks for working with me. And lastly, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has second shot with me last year, you were all great.

I hope you all enjoy the short film.

TwentySixteen - a few of my favourite images

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Wow, what a year it's been. 

I've met some amazing people and photographed a load of lovely weddings. As usual i'm very honoured to be capturing people's special day and to be given the creativity to shoot it in my own unique way.

So here is a small selection (i've done a short slideshow with many more images in it, which i'll post later in the month) for you to see the kind of things i've been up to in weddingland this past year.

Thanks for looking and I'd like to wish you all the best for 2017. 

Brighton Bandstand Wedding

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This is Nikki & Richard's naming ceremony for little Luca with a SURPRISE wedding!!!

Yep thats right, none of the guests knew that Nikki & Richard were going to get married at the end of the naming ceremony until the kids revealed the signs for everyone.

What a fun relaxed day it was on the Brighton Band Stand with a laid back garden party at their house in Hove. Being a family man, it was a joy to see all the kids getting involved in the day, which was as much about them as it was about Nikki & Richard.

Massive congratulations guys.

London architects get married at the Barbican and it rocks

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Barbican Wedding Photography

I seriously don't know where to start with this one as it was so amazing and creative. Seriously, just look at the venue, the couple, the dress!!!!!

So Elly and Joe (aka. JELLY) got married at the Barbican in London yesterday and being leading architects they had to pick somewhere that was extra special and The Barbican ticked all the boxes and more.

I was actually spoilt for choice for locations for our couples portraits and had to stop myself on several occasions, otherwise we would have missed most of the reception.

So thanks Elly and Joe for being such a cool couple and up for spending a while walking around and showing us the Barbican, which I totally fell in love with yesterday.

P.S. being architects, please forgive the converging verticals in one of the shots, which totally goes against all architectural photography principles, but I kinda like that.

Fun Hampshire Countryside Wedding

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Wow what a day yesterday was with all that weather!

I mean seriously, one minute it's bucketing down with super grey skies, just when we'd planned to do the couples shoots and the group shots. And the next minute it's glorious sunshine and fantastic light, just as the food is being served.

What's that saying....when life gives you lemons; make a super sweet sugary drink....or something like that.

Well when the weather throws you a curved ball, just go with it.

So this was Laura & Tom's fun countryside wedding in Rotherwick Village Hall in Hampshire and what a fab day it was.....oh and this may be the first Chainsaw archway that i've ever shot.....yep I think it is.

Massive congrats to Laura & Tom.

Fun Summer Sussex University Wedding

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It was my great pleasure to photograph a good friend of mine and an amazing photographers wedding yesterday.

I've known Jim for around eight years now, first meeting through Flickr and the Brighton photographic scene and I found out last night from Sophia, that I was the first of Jim's friends that she met as well. So it was an absolute honour to be asked to capture their big day.

Jim is a very inspirational photographer (seriously check him out). First of all he's the best architectural photographer that I know and has a passion about buildings and architecture that it is a joy to talk to him about. Secondly he is the mastermind behind the amazing MINICLICK which describes itself as 'Talks, discussions, events, exhibitions, parties and games, all around stills and moving images.' but in reality is so much more than that. Jim has been at the cutting edge of photography and putting on events showcasing the countries leading photography talent for a good number of years now. So I have to say although Jim and Sofia are some of the nicest people you are likely to meet, it was a little daunting having the task of capturing their big day.

Anyway I shouldn't have worried as I had a blast and I was kept company by another good friend and photographer Lisa Devlin (thanks so much Lisa) who shot the wedding with me (seriously the talent of photographers at the wedding was unbelievable with Lomokev, Jack Latham, Kristina Sälgvik and Peter Dench among many others there as well).

So the wedding took place at Sussex University's Meeting House, which holds a very special place in my heart as it's where I got married 11 years ago, however i've never shot a wedding there and the reception took place at The Old Market in Hove.

Well I think i've typed out enough already as this is the longest post I've done for some time. But I'll leave on the note of wishing Jim and Sofia all the best for their married life together and say thanks for picking me out of all the photographers out there.



Romantic Bluebell Railway Wedding

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I had a lovely day yesterday with Rhiane & Nathan at their romantic railway adventure wedding on the Bluebell Railway in Sussex. It was full of excitement and mishap. Like the Groom leaving his suit in London, the coach for the guests managing to smash a window and deliver all the guests just in time for the ceremony, only to find that we were at the wrong station.

However you know just made more fun on the wedding day and didn't ruin a thing. Everything was sorted out and Rhiane & Nathan were so relaxed about everything and just took it in their stride. It was such a great day and I loved chatting to all the guests who really were great fun. And having high tea on a train was such a treat.

Thanks so much Rhiane & Nathan and the Griffin Pub in Fletching, Sussex for being such a great venue as well. 

Worthing Dome Wedding

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I love shooting other photographers weddings. This time I was very fortunate to be able to capture one of my second shooters wedding. The amazing Sarah who's shot with me for a good number of years now. So Sarah and Ben got married at Long Furlong Barn, followed by a reception at Worthing Dome & Cinema. 

I just want to wish Sarah and Ben all the best for their married life together and thanks so much for having me at the wedding. It was a really special day.