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Cupcake Engagement Shoot

EngagementAdam Bronkhorst1 Comment

The other Saturday we organised a suprise cupcake decorating workshop for an engagement shoot. The fab couple Katherine & Malcolm had told us that they were really into cooking. So we took our inspiration from that. We've been trying to shake things up a little with our engagement shoots recently. We wanted to try and avoid the typical shoot of a couple walking along hand in hand, cuddling in the middle of the street or having a picnic.

So we looked around for something fun to do with Katherine & Malcolm that they would really enjoy and would also make for some great photos. Thats when we stumbled across the amazing Hannah and Angel Food Bakery in Brighton, Sussex on the South Coast.

We'd well been aware of their delicious cupcakes, having walked past their bakery many times, but they have now opened up a seperate shop as a classroom and hold all different kinds of regular cupcake decoration classes. Perfect!

So we booked a workshop and kept it totally quiet from Katherine & Malcolm as we really wanted to suprise them and give them a fun experience.

We told them to just have fun decorating the cakes and not worry about our camera, as we wanted some really natural images. We thought it would be an interesting way of working. We could have got them to pose loads, maybe put icing on each others noses, but we wanted something really natural. Hopefully that comes across in the images.

Thanks so much to Katherine & Malcolm for being such good sports and a massive thanks goes to Hannah at Angel Food Bakery for being AMAZING!!! If you're in Brighton, please check out their bakery.

If you would like a fun engagement shoot, why not get in contact with us.

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