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bride and groom by a stream in dorchester, dorset Part of my 31 for January set (a few favourite shots of 2013)

So I have to admit this shot is of my friends Emily & Andy who got married in Dorchester in Dorset in the summer. SO it means a lot to me. I shot the wedding, but I also got down and partied hard. I threw some shapes on the dance floor and I drank some real ale. It was great!

Anyway none of that stops me posting this image here. What I love about this shot is that it takes me right back to my well as Emily.

So first things first, the reason that I took this shot is that that Emily grew up just around the corner from here and really wanted some photos of her on her wedding day in the place that she used to play loads as a kid.

What struck me about this scene was that it reminded me of a famous painting that I used to be obsessed with as a kid. I've always been into art and studied History of Art as part of my Fine Art degree. But as a kid one of the first artists that I learnt about was the British painter John Constable and his most famous painting is the Haywain finished in 1821. I was fascinated by the little tricks that that he used to hold the viewers attention. Stuff like leading lines, making your eye move around and into the image. As well as using little highlights of colour to grab the viewer eye and make them focus on a particular point in an image. All techniques that I use in my photography to this day.

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