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Dr Who wedding in Rye

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A dr who fan and his bride in a vintage record shop OK lets get one thing straight.....Fez's are cool.

So this is Sarah and Ian who just got married at The George in Rye, Sussex. But more importantly Ian is a massive Dr. Who fan and Sarah is just the best. She did very well not to have the whole wedding overrun with Whovian artefacts. In fact the wedding was a very tasteful affair with great details and winter wedding styling with all the Christmas decorations.

So back to this shot.

We had planned to drive down to Camber Sands after the ceremony and shoot some images at dusk. So i'd spent all week preparing for a shoot on the beach at dusk (I even brought my welly boots with me). However the weather had something to say with 31mph winds that day and freezing temperatures.

So we decided to stay in Rye and shoot there. Just at the last minute and at the end of the couples portraits as the light was really failing we nipped into the Old School vintage Grammar School Records shop. I'd already popped in there earlier in the day to check that it was OK to shoot in there, (incase we didn't make it down to the beach) and knowing that Ian is a Dr. Who nut, i'd found this record for him.

So check out Sarah in her gorgeous dress and vintage fur wrap. Ian in his Dr Who inspired trench coat and of course Ian now wears a Fez.....because Fez's are cool.

Oh and the pose is inspired by all the photos of Sarah and Ian's parents and grand parents wedding photos that they had on display at their wedding. I loved looking at the vintage wedding photos and I was struck how they all had the same traditional pose, of the couple standing side by side with the brides arm linked though the grooms. So now i've decided that i'm bringing this pose back into style for 2014.