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English Countryside Preview

WeddingsAdam BronkhorstComment

I've just had the biggest wedding weekend of the year for me. Two AMAZING weddings!!!

So here is a sneak peek from the first one on Friday. Caroline & Simon got married in a very quaint English village set in the heart of the Leicestershire countryside called Shangton (i'm not even sure that it has a shop or a pub).

I knew that Caroline & Simon were a bit unsure of the camera (from our engagement shoot) so I wanted to do a shot that was very natural, captured their character and wasn't posed in any way.

I'd spied this gate on the walk from Caroline's Aunt & Uncle's house, where the reception took place in a Marquee in their paddock and on the way to the church. I thought this would make for a nice backdrop, we could have a bit of fun and not do any traditional poses or set ups. It was pretty obvious that Caroline would look stunning perched on the top of the gate and that they would have a nice interaction if I placed Simon off to one side. After that, I just let them get on with it and knew a moment would just happen.

I love that this shot isn't your traditional wedding couple shot of, stand there, look at the camera, smile, place your arm here, chin up, place your weight on your back foot, think happy thoughts.................Not that i'd ever do anything like that!