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Epic Wedding in the Country

WeddingsAdam Bronkhorst1 Comment


There is only one word to describe Charlie and Kane's wedding and that is.....EPIC

Thats the word that I kept using all day long. Every aspect of this wedding was just Legend.......wait for it........dery.

Where to start. Well first of all Charlie's first dress (yes she had two amazing dresses) was made of feathers.....have you ever seen a wedding dress made of feathers? No me neither!

The location was her grandparents home in deepest Gloucestershire in the heart of the countryside. This is the house where her mum now lives......who I only found out when I got home is the Leader of the Opposition in the House of Lords!!!! (P.S. Jan, if your reading this, my offer of coffee and a chat, next time your in Brighton still holds up. I'd love to find out more about your life.)

Right back onto more details.....a mahoosive long table to seat all 140ish wedding guests all along the same table. No seating plan, Charlie had heard they were quite stressful to do, so decided not to do one. There was a Moroccan Bedouin tent for guests to chill out in. A mobile coffee / iced tea van in a vintage Citroen H Van. Wood fired Pizza kitchen for the evening food. A spit roast for the main meal. Cocktails after dinner. Live band, gramophone DJ, drinks in the orchard, a bell tent village for the guests to camp at the farm....I could go on, as I said this wedding was EPIC!!!!!

Oh and all of this was organised by Charlie and Kane, from the other side of the planet. Yep thats right they live in Australia and still managed to pull of an incredible wedding.

Everyone else, you need to up your game.

Charlie and nailed it.