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Every photo from a wedding

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all photos from a wedding from viva wedding photography on Vimeo.

OK so the first thing to admit is that I'm not a moving image guy. There i've said it. I'm great with stills and can capture how I see the world in frozen frames, but when it comes to moving images and more importantly putting them together i'm, well, crap. I just can't do it.

So i'm appologizing in advance as being the fastidious perfectionist, i'm not 100% happy with this video, there are a few white lines on the left of the screen that pop up and go away and a couple of other minor things, but anyway I'm 98% pleased with this short video that I put together to show every photo from a wedding.

I've just realised that this probably isn't the best way to start a blog post and that i'm rambling now. So lets starts again.

I thought it would be interesting to put together a little film of every photo from one wedding. Us photographers tend to put our best of the best photos up in our online gallery, but I think that it's really important for clients to see a all the photos from one wedding. Any 'Uncle Bob' / 'Friend with a camera' can take a handful of good photos at a wedding, but all of the photos that your photographer takes need to be of a particular standard. This is why I would always recommend hiring a professional wedding photographer to capture your big day for you (I would say that though).

Anyway, here are all of the photos delivered to Lucy & Adam, who's wedding I shot a couple of weeks ago. I think you can tell from the film that it was just one of the coolest weddings ever and hopefully you'll get a really good feel for the day as the photos tell the story of their wedding.

Oh and you may remember Lucy and Adam as they are international internet sensations after their flashmob tube proposal went viral. Watch that video here.