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Finds 2 by Harry Watts

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One of the regular second shooters that I use, the extremely talented Harry Watts, has made a follow up to his very successful self published photography newsprint FINDS, which was distributed during the Brighton Fringe Festival of 2010 at various locations in Brighton and London.

Harry takes a very considered approach to his photography, he has an amazing photography pedigree and works with  some of the leading photographers in the UK. His FINDS project documents objects that he finds on the streets and through his photography he turns them into almost art / street sculpture. The images work very well as a 'body of work' and I had the great pleasure of listening to a talk that he gave on them earlier in the year as part of the Miniclick talks hosted in Brighton.

I am very fortunate to have Harry as part of the Viva team and whenever I work with him he always pushes Viva's wedding photography to new highs.

Harry's second newsprint FINDS 2 is being funded though the IndieGoGo crowd-funding website and is open to anyone who would like to support an artist and own part of a unique photography project. This is a unique way of funding artistic endeavor's and I am very proud to support him, if you would like to support him as well please click this link to read more about Harry's FINDS project.