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I'm so behind on blogging about all the Flash Photography Workshops that I've been teaching with Lisa Devlin for Photography Farm. So, the idea this year was to take the Photography Farm on the road and do a scaled down version, but still keeping the same warm and fuzzy feel and giving wedding photographers the skills they need to make their businesses fly. We called these roadshow workshops.....Photography Farm Elements.

We've been very fortunate to meet and teach some amazing photographers this year. We've been to Belfast, Glasgow (twice), Manchester, London (twice) and Cornwall....where these images were shot.

We stayed in Foye at the amazing Foye Hall Hotel with the website design legend that is Melissa Love giving a guest spot talk at the workshop all about Good Web Design for Photographers as well as SEO for Photographer's. Lisa did her workshops on Kick Ass Marketing Techniques and The Fundamental Rules for Awesome Couples Shoots. And I taught my Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Flash Photography, but Were Afraid to Ask.

On the second day we were very fortunate to have Sophie and Gareth from Crown and Glory to model for our couples shoots and I took a few shots to show the people on the workshops how I shoot things a little differently using Off-Camera Flash. So here are the images that I shot.

We're taking Photography Farm Elements back on the road and will be in Belfast in February and back to London in March. So if you're interested, please do get in contact.

And of course there is the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (thats the only word that I can use to describe it) Farm Week in January where we have some industry leading wedding photographers teaching everything and anything that you'd ever want to know to make yourself an awesome photographer.