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How to get a good Confetti Shot

31 for Jan, WeddingsAdam BronkhorstComment

Bride & groom with confetti Part of my 31 for January set (a few favourite shots of 2013)

I love a good confetti shot.

I have to admit that I do find them quite tricky, for several reasons. However here are my top tips for bride & grooms on how to get a great confetti shot.

Don't walk so quickly, slow down

You'd be surprised how quickly couples walk though the confetti line. I know what it's like, you've just got married and everyone is looking at you. You hate being the centre of attention and all you want is a drink to calm your nerves. This doesn't mean that you should turn into a speed walker. Slow down, walk at a snails pace. Enjoy the moment, make a memory...its a fantastic one to have.

There is never enough confetti

I always tell my couples, that if you're having confetti, you can never have enough. Seriously. It's far better to have way to much and loads left, than only Auntie Jean turning up with some and trying to make it spread. You'll end up with; as they say a damp squib. It'll look pathetic and no one wants anything on their wedding day to look pathetic. So get loads and then get a load more.

The wrong type of confetti

Wrong type? I hear you ask. Yep, lots of venues don't like non-biodegradable confetti. Why? Well if it can't rot into the ground, they will have to clear it up and that costs them money, so they don't allow it. I've heard of one Vicar saying that "You absolutely can not throw any type of confetti in the church grounds...for health and safety reasons....once you're outside the church grounds, thats council property and you can do what you like, so go for it....but do not throw any on the church grounds." So if you want confetti, get loads of petals / lavender and dry them out, or buy the biodegradable stuff and buy lots.

Bubbles don't really work

I've seen weddings where they have tried to use bubbles instead of confetti. It's a really nice idea and I do love a good bubble shot, but unfortunately it just doesn't work. What tends to happen is that people start blowing the bubbles as soon as they leave the ceremony venue and just don't wait for the bride and groom. Then when they do emerge there just aren't enough bubbles. Have you ever tried to get the little bubble stick in the top of one of those small champagne bubble mixture things. It's impossible. Also usually it's really cheap bubble mixture in them and only good for one bubble per blow, so you never end up with enough bubbles. And I haven't even got onto the wind yet. Imagine how disappointing it is if all your guests are trying to blow bubbles on you and the wind is so strong that it's just blowing them in the opposite direction. So in short, bubbles are a nice idea, it's just a shame that they don't work.

Don't throw it in the bride and grooms face

I don't know what happens to guests at this point in the wedding day, but for some reason they feel the need to throw confetti at full blast into the faces of the bride and groom. Seriously, it never makes a good photo of the bride gagging on confetti that has gone down her throat. When you throw confetti, throw it up and above the happy couple. That way it has time to fall, it spreads out more and looks much much better than a big lump of dried petals or lavender smacking the groom in the nose. Oh and on a side note, you might think it's funny to dump the remaining confetti on the photographers head, but trust's not.

So thats about it, if you can think of anything that i've missed out, please do leave a comment below.

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