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We've been talking about shooting a wedding on the iPhone for most of this year (We've already shoot an engagement shoot on one). Anyone that knows us, knows how much we love shooting on our iPhone. In fact our main wedding photographer Adam Bronkhorst has even written a book on using Smartphones and Apps for photography. This is due to be published in the UK and the US next year.

We wanted to be the first professional photographers to shoot and edit a wedding on the iPhone and have been banging on about it for most of the year. However we're had such a busy year that we haven't gotten round to pulling our fingers out and pushing this idea.

In the mean time a couple of American photographers have actually gone and done this!!!! We're really pleased that it's been achieved and people are taking iPhone photography seriously enough, so it's a massive hat's off to them, for actually managing to do so.

A while ago we shot the super sweet Brett & Lucy's wedding with Toy Cameras and Lomo Cameras. (Watch this space for the blog post and images, we promise to post them soon). While shooting this, we also used the iPhone to take pictures throughout the day.

It did feel a bit strange standing at the front during the ceremony and shooting on an iPhone as well as taking the signing of the register photos, not to mention standing in front of 80 or so guests for the main group shot and holding an iPhone up!!!!

All of the images here have been shot and edited on the iPhone. They have only gone near a computer to get them online on the blog. We love using apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic so much that we edited the images with Instagram to give them that very popular iPhone feel to them.

We are really pleased with the results though, and although this isn't strickly speaking shooting the whole wedding on just iPhones, it was shooting a paying clients wedding with the iPhone. We learnt a whole load about using the iPhone to shoot a wedding and would really like the oppertunity to tackle a full wedding head on and using what we know about shooting with phone's and apps. After all we are probably the only wedding photographers who have written a book on shooting with SmartPhones and Apps.

If you love your iPhone or shooting with your phone, or actually love anything experimental with photography, and want to chat to us about shooting your wedding in a slightly unusual way, please please please do contact us.........we would LOVE to hear from you!!!!!!

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