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Lomo & Holga Wedding

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We've been wanting to show you this old Lomo & Holga wedding that we shot way back in 2009 for quite a while now. Yes we know that it's an old wedding, but we are still so proud of it that we felt that it deserves to be up here on the Viva Wedding Photography blog. Abi & Chris got married back in 2009 at the gerogeous Newick Park Hotel just outside of Lewes in the Sussex countryside. Abi is a massive Holga fan and a very talented photographer in her own right. She wanted someone to shoot her wedding with Lomo & Holga cameras, so knowing what big fans of film we are, she approached us and we leapt at the chance and teamed up with the UK's biggest Lomo Photographer Lomokev who shot all of the Lomo images.

It's been a few years since the wedding now and when we shot this there were not that many photographers using Holga & Diana style cameras to shoot at weddings. This wedding even got quite a bit of publicity at the time for us. We've also stayed in contact with Abi & Chris (albeit via Facebook & bumping into them in Brighton) and we can happily report that they are both doing very well and have a beautiful 2 year old girl called Myah.

Thanks once again to the lovely Abi & Chris. It was so nice going though these photo's again and reliving the wedding day.

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