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Lomo / Toy Camera Wedding

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So a little while ago we uploaded a blog post on a wedding photographed on the iPhone. Well, we were actually asked by the bride & groom to shoot their wedding entirely on Lomo / Toy cameras. The bride & groom, Brett & Lucy were such a cool couple. Brett is a very talented designer and spends a lot of his day, adding grain / texture / toning perfect digital images. So he really wanted something that was a little different to the usual crisp / clean / sharp wedding photography that everyone else has.

Being lovers of film, Holga and Lomo cameras, as well as having already shot a few weddings on these cameras (watch out for more blog posts as we add them), Brett and Lucy approached Viva Wedding Photography, and we were more than happy to oblige them.

At Viva we love all things Lomo, Holga, Toy, Coloured flash, film etc. So much so, that our main photographer Adam has actually written a book on these kinds of cameras, thats due to be published early next year, in the States and over here. So we were the perfect wedding photographers to shoot this wedding.

For those of you interested in what cameras we used and how we shot it: we used 2 x Holga's (one with black & white film, one with colour film) a Lomo Fisheye 2 (we used the fisheye 2 as it has a hot shoe, so we could add a flash to it), an Olympus OM-1 (with several lenses including an insanely wide 17mm), an Olympus MJU II (with 3200 iso black & white film), a Lomo LC-A (with slide film, cross processed) and the Lomography Sprocket Rocket (again with the hot shoe to add a flash). As well as a coloursplash flash for different coloured flashes. The wedding took place at Upwaltham Barns, in Sussex, and thanks to them for helping us out on the day.

Shooting this wedding was so much fun. However, it was very challending from a technical point of view though. It is so different to shooting with one DSLR and being able to take a couple of 1000 images and see on the back of the camera that they look OK. Shooting on film, does have it's limitations, but hopefully you'll agree that the images here are unlike any other set of wedding photographs, you've ever seen.

If you would like your wedding shot on Lomo / Toy / iPhone / Holga / Film cameras, or have any  unusual requests that you would like from your photography; please please please do get in contact as we love this kind of thang!!!

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