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You may or may not know this, but I'm an international author. Oh yes thats right, I've had a couple of books published internationally and regularly get stopped in the street and asked for my autograph (that last bit isn't true, it's only happened once). One of the books that i've written is called Lo-Fi Photo Fun and is available from all good book shops. This book is, as you probably guessed all about taking photos with Lo-Fi cameras like Lomo's, Holga's, Polaroid and pinhole etc.

Well another lo-fi photographer that I really admire and who also lives in Brighton is a very nice chap called Toby, who is Fotobes on Flickr. Anyway Toby married the lovely Jess last Saturday at Brighton Town Hall and he asked me to be their photographer. I always love it when other photographers ask me to capture their wedding for them. (Hopefully means i'm doing something right).

Anyway, back to lomo wedding photography. So seeing as Toby is a massive lomo-feind. We talked about shooting some images on the Lomo LC-A with cross processed film. I was only with Toby & Jess for just over an hour, and shot a roll and a half of film in that time, alongside the digital stuff and this is what it looked like.

If you want to see another Lo-Fi Lomo Wedding that I shot click that link. And if you like that check out this Lomo & Holga Wedding. Oh and if you're still hungry for more, there is another Holga Wedding here.


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