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Flashmob Tube Proposal

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This weekend is going to be immense!!!! Two weddings, in two days, in two very different parts of the country, with two very cool couples.

The first is a marquee wedding at the families cottage in Leicestershire, with a lemon and lime colour theme. It's gonna be a very fun and quirky wedding. The second wedding is in Reading. Yep a wedding in Reading (sorry I can't stop saying that). In a big top with some very cool details and a few surprises along the way.

The Big Top wedding is none other that Adam & Lucy, who's 'flashmob tube' proposal made world wide news and they are now known as an internet sensation! And guess who's shooting their wedding!!!!!

Yep thats right, ME and the funny story behind this was that I posted the video on the Viva Facebook page, saying how cool it was (one of the only times i've done that) and then they contacted me a few months afterwards to ask me to be their wedding photographer for their big day. How cool is that!

Anyway, here is the video of the proposal. Make sure you have some tissues handy as it's a corker.