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Lucy & Chris's Photo Booth

Photo-boothAdam Bronkhorst1 Comment

It's been a while since we posted a photo booth. We are so far behind on blog posts that its ridiculous. This fab photo booth was from the super great Lucy & Chris's wedding (Yes we'll post that up too at some point.......eventually). You know when you just click with people from the moment you meet them. Well that's Lucy & Chris for you.

We love this photo booth. It just goes to prove that the simplist ideas can really work the best. So the only props that we used were those nasty / geeky 3D glasses that you get when you go to the cinema now. All we did was pop out the lenses and hay presto!

So thanks to every single guest that we shot. Especially the little girls who really didn't want to wear the glasses, but struggled though long enough for us to get our shot. And also a big apology to the group who didn't want to wear the glasses, and were forced to by us as 'no one escapes the specs!'

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