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Movie Buff's Photo Booth

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Heather and Tim are MASSIVE movie fans!!!! They had a super cool movie themed wedding (which you can see here) at the Lowry Centre in Manchester, where every table was one of their favorite movies and a movie themed cake which was just out of this world.

We thought we'd do something special for their photo booth (actually we do something special for every photo booth) involving the movie theme. We used just one light, lower than you would normally use a light and put a soft box ( a big square light shaper) on it and had it just out of frame with the guests looking into the light. The idea being that it would make the person in the photo booth look like they were lit by a television which was just out of the frame.

We also got some 3D specs and boxes of popcorn and told each guests that they had to act like they were watching a Comedy / Horror / Suspense / Romance film. We just shouted different types of movies at them and captured the reaction.

It worked so well and everyone loved it. Check out the shots and look at the shot of the Vicar who really got stuck into it!!!!

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