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Movie themed wedding

WeddingsAdam BronkhorstComment

I shot the most AMAZING wedding at Shepperton Studios in London at the weekend. It was EPIC!!!!!

Here is a quick sneak peek from this fun movie themed wedding that had it all. And I mean really it was a super cool wedding. There was even a guest dressed as Chewbacca!!!

Oh and the meal was from the couples local Indian Takeaway (as it was their favourite food). Can you imagine the phone call:

"Yes I'd like to order a take away please?"

"Certainly, what would you like?"

"Oh, I'd like Chicken Tikka Masala for 120 people.......oh and do we get popadoms with that?"

I loved this wedding, it was so great and picking just one photo from the day was too tough, but I just love this shot. It totally represents a slightly new direction that I want to take my photography, this year.

Keep watching the blog for more images from this ultra cool wedding.