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My perfect wedding clients

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So i've recently been on the Photography Farm and one of the things that we get the farmers to do is to write a little list of their perfect wedding couple.

I thought this would be fun for me to do. So here's my list (much longer than it should be). I'd love my couples to identify with quite a few of these things, not every single one, but this should give an idea of who i'd LOVE to shoot a wedding for.

However, if you're getting married and every single item on this list relates to you. I'll be massively insulted if you don't even get in contact with me.


So here is the list:

  • a couple who’ve been together for several years
  • both have career jobs but that doesn’t define them
  • knows their own mind
  • listens to Radio 6 Music
  • loves good food
  • aren’t ashamed to sit in front of a box set for hours on end
  • confident in who they are
  • into creativity and possibly work in a creative industry
  • have a love for modern art and architecture
  • love classic eighties films like Ferris Bueller's day off / Breakfast club etc.
  • has their own sense of style
  • gets geeky about TV shows and Films
  • not looking for a wedding photographer but looking for someone to photograph their wedding
  • consider their friends their family
  • has a funny story about the time they met a celebrity
  • love exploring the world and the idea of a package holiday fills them with fear
  • is looking for an unusual venue for their wedding
  • happy to write their own vows
  • doesn’t mind getting drunk on cocktails
  • consider their partner their best friend
  • have snorted at least once when they had a right proper belly laugh
  • has a little dance when they are happy
  • both give a damn about the wedding and get involved in the planning
  • the guys looking forward to getting a dapper suit and looking the boss on his wedding day
  • the girl wants her wedding dress to be unique and not to follow convention
  • has sung ‘sex on fire’ at the top of their voice while roaringly drunk
  • has made at least three things for their wedding day
  • has been known to go to the odd car boot sale
  • sunday roast in a nice country pub is one of their favorite meals
  • will probably cry at some point during their wedding day
  • knows the name of at least one big photographer
  • has a ‘claim to fame’ story
  • is partial to a bit of air guitaring once in awhile
  • has a pet
  • has spent a day when they didn’t even bother getting out of bed
  • has seen the sun rise after a great night out.....but not for a while
  • has a stupid dance that only their partner has seen
  • loves a good hot chocolate now and again
  • is opinionated about Harry Potter - loves it or hates it
  • has tried Marmite at least once
  • are more concerned that everyone has a great time at their wedding than the colours matching
  • hug each other at least once a day
  • own some converse all stars
The list could go on and on, but you get the idea........anything you think i've missed off from this though?