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New Logo, Branding and Site

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So some of the eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that something about Viva has changed. Yep that’s right, I’ve re-branded!!!!!!


After getting some feedback on the business from some past clients, industry colleges, and friends, I felt that the old branding didn’t really reflect the kind of photography that I do. I’ve always tried to describe myself as a photographer who shoots weddings, rather than a wedding photographer, and I just felt that the old logo was a bit traditional weddingy.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the old logo and think that it’s a really strong piece of design by the graphic design company I used, Harrison & Co. I think it would work well for someone else in the wedding industry, but I just felt that it wasn’t reflecting my brand values anymore (bit of marketing speak there, sorry). I don’t want people to think of me / Viva as a traditional wedding photographer, in fact I want people to think of me / Viva as anything but a traditional wedding photographer.

I put a lot of effort into making my images stand out from everyone else’s. So that my clients get to have unique, creative, quirky wedding photography that people love; and is different to other wedding photography that they or their friends will have seen before. Because of this I really wanted to distance myself from the traditional and commissioned Harrison & Co again, to come up with a different branding for me.

I really enjoyed working with them and didn’t want to use anyone else as they already had an understanding of my business from last time. When we did the original logo, I’d just started shooting under the name Viva (although I’ve been shooting weddings since 2005) and I wanted an upmarket classic feel to the new brand. We ended up with a very classy but traditional logo, with a script style type and a swallow bird, influenced by tattoo designs, added for accents. As well as the pink, grey and black colour pallet . I was very pleased with this branding and felt that it reflected what I wanted Viva to be at that time.

However a year or so on and the business has had time to grow and find it’s own character. I’ve seen where I think it sits in the market and what type of clients are booking me. What they are looking for in a photographer, as well as what kind of clients I really want to shoot for. A few key words stood out from the feedback as well as the enquiries that I’m getting. Lots of people said that they loved, or were looking for ‘fun, quirky, creative photography’.

Well the old logo wasn’t saying fun, quirky, creative. To me it was saying, traditional, old fashioned, classy and what you’d expect a wedding photography logo to be. So it was time for a change. I felt that there was a distance between the logo and my work. So I purposely didn’t give the design company any other visual brief other than a selection of my images. Which, I felt reflected my photography, perfectly summed up the kind of work that I love doing and always get compliments on, as they are very different to other peoples work. The brief was to match a logo / brand to the photography.

I’ve got to say, when I walked into the design company’s studio and saw all the initial ideas pinned up in front of me, I was over the moon. They had come up with loads of modern / fun / bright and most importantly, non-weddingy designs. This was what I was talking about!

I got some feedback on the new designs and it was unanimous. Everyone loved them and felt that it matched my work and personality so much more than the old logo. BINGO!

After a tough selection process I settled on the logo that you see at the top of the page. I now feel that it’s so much more in keeping with my personality, my photography, how I see the business and most importantly how I want my clients to see Viva.

I’ve also spent a bit of time with my web guru, Mike Oddhayward, looking at Google analytics, taking on the feedback from how people are using the site and what they want to get out of it. The site hasn’t had a radical new redesign, it’s just been tweaked and changed a little bit to make it more image heavy, and to work better with some things like Pinterest. One of the main bits of feedback was that the images on the home page were quite small and for a photography site, we all felt that they should be bigger. There used to be a text box the same size as the image, saying something like “Viva does fun and quirky wedding photography”. It seemed like this was a bit pointless having that there, as hopefully anyone looking at the photos can see that I do, fun and quirky wedding photography, so telling them seemed a waste of time and homepage space.


Anyway, that’s what’s gone into and the thinking behind the new branding. I hope you like it and that the kind of clients who don’t want traditional wedding photography, like it as well.

I’d like to thank Mike Oddhayward for all his invaluable help, everyone at Harrison & Co for their creativity and making me very happy. Lisa Devlin for being a constant source of inspiration and for pointing out the obvious. As well all of you for getting to the bottom of this blog post.