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Northbrook Park Wedding

WeddingsAdam BronkhorstComment

Quick sneaky peeky from yesterdays wedding at Northbrook Park in Surrey.

So it rained when we were supposed to do the couples shoot yesterday and when I say it rained, it really RAINED.....thunder bolts and lighting, very very.....well you know the rest.

We were kind thrown out of kilter as i'd planned a great walk all around the wonderful grounds of Northbrook Park, with the sun streaming in amongst the trees, but that all changed.

I managed to grab a few minutes with Lauren and Jack between the starters and main course and we shot a few pictures, when I spied this wonderful shadow and thought it looked very graphic.

Sometimes you have to change your game up quickly as a photographer and sometimes something so simple as horizontal lines with a diagonal shadow work wonders.

Massive congrats to Lauren & Jack.