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Off-Camera Flash Workshop

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We are very pleased to be announcing a special Two day Off-Camera Flash & Light Painting workshop; in partnership with the wonderful British Journal of Photography's, Wedding Photographer of the Year Lisa Devlin. This unique two-day workshop is designed to give you a full understanding of how and why to use off-camera flash (also known as Strobist) in a wedding environment.

Day one - You will learn the fundamentals of off-camera flash and how to use the different techniques in any environment. We look at the equipment needed. The core principles of getting a correct exposure every time. As well as the different ways that the light can be shaped / changed for creative effect.

Day two – We take the principles learned on day one, and show you how these can be applied to a wedding, to make your life easier on the day. As well as giving you more creative options for your photography. We will have a photo shoot with two models so that you can put the techniques into practice and experiment without the pressure of a real life wedding. After dark we will also have a look at light painting and the creative possibilities to make some truly unique portraits of the wedding couple.

During the evenings we will have dinner / drinks and talks about photography and the business side of wedding photography

This is a totally unique course and is part of Lisa's new venture The Photography Farm. Have a look at the photo's below to see how off-camera flash can enhance your wedding photography and give you more options on how to light a wedding.

The course will be held from 8th to the 10th November and includes overnight accommodation and food. It takes place at a very special location near Gatwick, Sussex. The cost of the course is £750

To find out more information or to book a place click here to get in contact.


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