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If you go down to your local newsagents this month and pick up a copy of Photo Professional Magazine (the UK's biggest photography magazine aimed at professional photographers), you'll see a lovely four page spread written by the delectable Kat from Rock N Roll Bride featuring images from our very own Adam Bronkhorst of Viva Wedding Photography. We are very pleased to be featured in this highly prestigious magazine, that is aimed at the professional photographer. It's always nice to be featured in magazines, but to be used as examples in a magazine aimed at other professional photographers is something special and says something about the standard of photography we are producing at Viva Wedding Photography.

The images are from the super cool couple Sharon & John, who's wedding we shot a while back on Brighton Seafront. The images are in our galleries, and we fully intend to put a blog post up with more of their pictures at some point, when we work though the list of the other weddings that are sat on our hard drives and need sharing with you guys.