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Photography Award

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One of Viva Wedding Photography's regular photographers, the fantastic Sarah Bird, has only gone and won the Sussex Fashion Photographer of the Year Award!!! We are massively proud of Sarah for this great achievement. It caps off a great year for her in which she has been producing some amazing work and this prestigious award is a little well deserved recognition for all of her hard work.

At Viva Wedding Photography we like to do things a bit differently, so we use photographers who also have specialist skills in other areas of photography. We feel that these skills help us produce unique and outstanding photography for our clients. It may be that one of our photographers also specialises in product photography, this helps get the best detail shots. Or they may also focus on interiors and architectural photography. It may be portraiture or landscape or in Sarah's case a whizz at Fashion photography.

All of these different disciplins and skills translate well when shooting a wedding. Enabling Viva Wedding Photography to be the best wedding photographers that we can be, and to offer something quite unique and special.

So we are super proud of Sarah for this great achievement and for being officially recognised for the fantastic work that she produces.

Have a look below at some of Sarah's brilliant fashion photography.

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