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Photography Farm Week

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I am very excited to be included in this years Photography Farm Week. A week of non residential talks and workshops by some of the wedding industry’s finest especially selected by one of the countries leading wedding photographers, Lisa Devlin.

Some of the big names that are taking part in Farm Week are: Kirsty Mitchell, Brooke Davis, Melissa Love, Shell De Mar, Eliza Claire, Kat Williams and Gala Darling amongst many other amazing people in the wedding industry.

I will be running three workshops over the course of the week they are:

Weds 23rd January 1-5pm in The Farmhouse ~

Get To Grips With Your Flash

Looking at how to get on with your flash and make it work for you. We focus on techniques to make flash photography work for you and how to do it easily and in an uncomplicated non technical manor. Flash photography is easy once you know how. This workshop will show you how to use the flash you already have to great effect. Understand what’s going wrong with your flash photography and how to fix it easily and take great photos in any lighting situation. £200 per person limited to 10 places.

Sat 26th January 10-3pm in The Farmhouse ~

Advanced & Off-Camera Flash

Become a lighting master and make your job easier. Learn to use your flash in creative ways to make difficult lighting situations work for you. Take images that stand out from the crowd and take your photography to another level. This workshop simplifies how to use off-camera flash and get stunning results every time. It’s a non technical, practical based workshop that shows you how to get it right quickly and every time. £200 per person limited to 10 places.

Friday 25th January 4-6pm in The Pool House ~

Light Painting Workshop

Ever seen those light painting photos and thought they look great, but haven’t got the first clue how to do them? Well in this workshop we’ll look at examples of light painting at weddings, the kit that you need and how to set up your camera etc. and then we’ll get out there and start creating fantastic and fun light painting photos for yourself!!!! £150 per person.


I can't tell you how good this is going to be, it's absoultly EPIC, there really isn't anything else like this in the wedding industry, so if you're interested, please please please do check out the Photography Farm website here, or drop me an email for more info.

Hopefully see you soon down the farm.....oh and the picture above was taken on the last Flash Photography farm that I ran.