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Photography Farm Workshop in Glasgow & Belfast

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Photography Farm is an intense and amazing experience with a lot of the magic happening because we all stay together in that gorgeous and creative environment. We do however realise that some of you may never make it down to The Farm so this year, we are taking Photography Farm Elements out to various UK cities with a two day workshop offering some of the elements we cover at The Farm. These are non-residential workshops designed to fill in the gaps in your Wedding Photography Business. We are starting with two dates... 10th & 11th of April in Belfast and 24th & 25th of April in Glasgow.

Day One is all about FLASH with Adam Bronkhorst from Viva Wedding Photography. Adam is our resident expert in all things lighting at Photography Farm and he will take you from zero to hero with your flash skills on this comprehensive day of on and off camera flash. After making sure that you have mastered the basics, he will then step things up a level and show you how to take the flash off camera for some truly creative techniques.

* Understanding your flash and its settings * Bouncing flash to create soft lighting and how to shape your light * Balancing daylight and flash for very sunny situations * Using on-camera flash indoors * Creating natural looking images taken with flash * The fundamentals of off-camera flash * Equipment needed to get you started and take your photography further * The core principles of getting a correct exposure every time * The different way in which your light can be shaped / changed for creative techniques * Changing the colour / hardness / depth of your light * How to use the different techniques in any environment

We will finish up the day with a lesson in how to do Light Painting before heading outside to have a play with the techniques and equipment.

On Day Two Lisa Devlin is offering a workshop which explores her Fundamental Rules of Awesome Couple Shots plus her Kick Ass Marketing Techniques. 'One of the areas that the photographers who come to Photography Farm say they struggle with the most is posing people. The couple shoot on a wedding day is my favourite part but I take a very non posing approach, preferring to focus people on their emotions. I want a photograph to convey what they were feeling about each other on the day, not that they were thinking about me or what I wanted them to do. I will take your through some simple centering techniques and encourage you to find methods that suit you and your clients. What about when your couple are same sex or a little bit extraordinary? What works if she is taller than him? I want you to get the best out of everyone and the often limited time we have on a wedding day to produce great couple shots. I will do a shoot with a couple to show you the techniques in practice and you will be encouraged to take a turn. I will show you how I process my files and use Photoshop'

The last part of the day will be dedicated to looking at how to market yourself so you get to work with those couples that you really connect with in the first place. So you have a fancy logo plus some pretty business cards, you have invested in a website and set up your social media, now what? Are you sitting around waiting for the business to land in your lap? Well it probably won't, so this section is all about how to promote your wedding photography business in this over-saturated market. Lisa will discuss techniques that have worked for her and show you strategies to make sure that the right clients are finding you. She will teach you how to run your own PR campaign and how to stand out from the crowd. There will be time for any questions you may have and you will leave armed with practical tips on how to take your business to the next level. Can we tempt you along? Each day is £250 or come to both days for £450. Lunch is included and spaces are limited. We start at 10am and finish around 6pm but invite you to join us for a drink afterwards.

Any questions, or to book email Photography Farm