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Pippa and Giles

WeddingsAdam Bronkhorst1 Comment

Springtime in Brighton is always a nice time to shoot a wedding. The city isn’t quite overrun with day-trippers and tourist as it is in the summer. And it isn’t quite as ‘off season’ as it can be in the winter. Pippa and Giles got married at Brighton Town Hall with a reception at the Fabrica Gallery. The food was supplied by the chef at the Bath Arms in the Lanes, and we’ll be heading down there for some food soon, as the meal was amazing.

Pippa and Giles have both been in Brighton for many years and they both work as jewelers. Pippa owns Baroque Jewelers in the lanes, which produce the most beautiful jewellery. Anyone who’s anyone in the Brighton Jewellery business was there. In fact the whole room was sparkling with jewellery with some amazing creations being shown off.

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