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Retro cool sneak peek

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Check out these guys!!!!

Coolness personified.  Yep thats right Kerry and Adam looking cooler than a cucumber in a fridge, in the middle of winter.

Kerry is rocking a 1950s style dress, which I just love. Yep thats right, you heard me. It's not often that I talk about dresses. Being a bloke (I use that term loosely) I don't really pay too much attention to wedding dresses as they don't mean that much to me, i'm far more interested in what the groom is wearing (check out my Pinterest board on mens wedding fashions). Most brides get married in an off the shoulder number with a big train of material behind them. I never know why they do this, as i've seen them spending most of the day pulling it up and every time they want to walk anywhere they have to either carry a mass of material or get someone to help them. The bottom of the dress is also filthy at the end of the day. So Kerry's dress which went over the shoulders (I don't know the term) and came down just below her knees in the 1950s style, seems to me to be the perfect solution of pure style and practicality, plus it really stands out from the crowd. OK Glad I got that out my system.

Oh and not to leave Adam out, he was wearing a very nice three piece mid gray Saville Row suit from Richard James. A white shirt, brown brouges and a purple tie.....which didn't match the bridesmaids dresses....not everything has to match, in fact I think it's too much if the bridesmaids dresses, match the grooms tie, the chair covers, the flowers, dad's waistcoat etc. Please stop doing it. We aren't in the 1990's anymore.

Wow this post wasn't supposed to be about wedding styling. It's early. It's Monday. Please forgive me.

OK back on track. A massive thanks to Kerry and Adam, who were just both so chilled out on the day and made it a real pleasure to shoot their wedding. I know that Kerry had put such an effort into the planning and preparation and had sone really unique wedding ideas and you know what...from one industry professional it really paid off.

I loved all the cool details, like that AMAZING 1965 fire engine red Ford Mustang car (Adam actually said to me, that he didn't know if he should carry on drinking or stay sober so he could drive it to the hotel at the end of the night. Love it). They also had a duck egg blue VW camper van. The reception was held in a massive Teepee which felt like it had four interlinking rooms, but was one big space. Kerry had the most unique bouquet that i've seen, it was totally made up of crystals. There was the coolest vicar that i've worked with (big shout out to Father Graham, who I caught 'avin a fag out the back of the church). Table decorations to die for, fantastic food and Kerry & Adam jiving to the first dance all made this a beautiful wedding and a great day. Oh and their total trust in my photography and going with my ideas totally.

Thanks guys, and here is just one more detail for you, as I couldn't resist and check out those Louboutin's (for the guys, thats the shoes).