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Rock N Roll Wedding Couple

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This couple ROCK!

Notice the capital letters in ROCK, they totally deserve them. Rebecca & Phill had the most amazing wedding on Saturday at the art deco De La Warr Pavillion in Bexhill-on-Sea.

Why did they rock you may ask? Well first of all, just look at them?

Now lets just break it down a bit:

Fashion: Rebecca is wearing a stunning dress that doesn't fit into the traditional mould of a bridal dress (more brides should be bold and be individual like this), Phill's tailored suit has a lining with Japanese throwing stars on it and his tie is Aston Villa colours (but you can't have everything).

Music: One of the readings during the ceremony was the lyrics to Led Zeppelin's Thank You. It doesn't get much more Rock N Roll than that. Well it does if you walk out to Guns N Roses, Sweet Child of Mine being played on a grand piano!!!

Venue: Getting married in an iconic Art Deco building with so many cool places to shoot and over looking the sea with massively dramatic clouds was cool enough. Having your ceremony in the theatre with only spotlights lighting you meaning that all your ceremony photo's look like they were from a rock concert is cool as F£$%.

Cars: Phill is a motoring journalist in Dubai, and gets to drive some of the worlds best cars on a weekly basis, so had organised an incredibly rare Jaguar XJ220 supercar to arrive at his wedding in (I can't tell you how excited I was about seeing this car). After picking it up from the specialist, it broke down. The specialist said that won't do, so they gave him the only other one that they had. Then that one broke down. Thats the problem with incredibly rare supercars that have a top speed of 213 MPH, they are temperamental and designed on the edge of automotive engineering.  Did this phase Phill. Did it heck. He was cool as a cucumer in the cool department of Kool & The Gangs fridge. Oh and when Rolls Royce found out that Phill was getting married they called him up and asked if he'd like to borrow a Phantom for the weekend.

I could go on to prove how much they ROCK (capitals again), but as I said earlier, just look at them. Oh and this may have been the very moment that Phill split his trousers doing a mid air rock stance. Yep thats right, he split his trousers getting this shot. But I think you'll agree that it was well worth it to get such an original wedding photo.

Rebecca & ROCK!