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Flicking though records

31 for Jan, WeddingsAdam BronkhorstComment

bride flicking though records in a shop in Rye Part of my 31 for January set (a few favourite shots of 2013)

I love this shot. It was just a candid moment during a quick couples shoot at Sarah & Ian's winter wedding in Rye.

We'd escaped the falling light and popped into this vintage record shop opposite the wedding venue (The George in Rye, Sussex) where the reception was taking place.

I'd already pre planned things and found a Dr Who record for Ian to hold who is the biggest Dr Who nut that I know....well actually I do know another photographer who may lay claim to that title...but anyway. This was taken on the fly as Ian was buying the record....he couldn't resist himself....even though he doesn't own a record player.

So check out the Dr Who shot with Ian in a Fez......because we all know that Fez's are cool.

And if you'd like to see all the images from this slightly Dr Who inspired wedding....well touches of the Who universe. Check out that link.