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Simple London Engagement Shoot

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It's been a while since we posted an engagement shoot. So we thought we'd show you this one which we shot the other week in London by Tower Bridge. We've been trying to explore the idea of engagement shoot's recently and coming up with some interesting ideas. Like an engagement shoot based on the first date idea, we took a couple to the South Bank in London where they used to go on lots of early dates. We shot it like it was one of their first dates and it all lead up to their first kiss. We really liked the idea and the tension in the photos of 'The First Kiss Engagement Shoot".

Another shoot we did was to set up a Cupcake decorating class for a couple who were really into cooking. We didn't tell them what we had planned, we just organised it and hoped they liked it (which they did). We told them to just enjoy the class and to forget about having their photo taken in "The Cup Cake Engagement Shoot".

Well for this latest shoot, we thought we'd take it back to basics again. So it was just us, our camera and the couple. No props, no fancy ideas, no really set ideas of where to shoot; just pure photography rapport.

There is something really nice about turning up for a shoot and meeting two people for the first time, who haven't ever been photographed by a professional photographer before and just working with them to get some lovely photo's.

We didn't really have a plan of where to shoot, but just walked around for about half an hour on the river side by Tower Bridge. While we were walking to do the shoot, we chatted with the Bride & Groom about architecture, so that kind of influenced our thinking about the photo's, so there is a very modern, gray, hard lines feel to the images. We like the fact that this was a spur of the moment thing and we had the freedom to do this on the day.

We are really pleased with the photos and got some lovely comments back from our clients. When all is said and done, sometimes it's nice going back to basics and just shooting with your camera and your subjects. We hope you like the photo's too.

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