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SoHo Wedding Portraits

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So here is a sneak peek from this weekends fabulously fun SoHo Century Club wedding in London.

I'd been checking the weather religiously during the past week, as I'd planned to go for a walk with Eleanor and Nick around SoHo and we'd even scouted out a very cool sex shop to do some portraits outside of. Unfortunately it was raining cats and dogs (for non UK readers  that means it was raining heavily. No I don't know why we say that either). So i'd scouted out a few different locations around the venue, which was the ultra cool Century Club (I want more weddings there please).

As some of you know, I teach other wedding photographers all about using flash and artificial lighting during weddings. Sometimes you just can't rely on natural light, your faced with a very dark venue (in this case) or it's a winter wedding. I love those situations as it forces me to be more creative and experiment more. So i'd noticed these curtains in the ceremony room, which was quickly converted back to a restaurant for the members, but after a bit of furniture moving, I had an area that I wanted to shoot in and could be used for two different set ups.

This was the second set up that I shot here, we had a massive laugh moving quickly around the venue and managed six different set ups inside (all using Off-Camera flash to light the shots) as well as venturing outside for some photography, where the stunning Eleanor stopped traffic, got a kiss from a Cockney cheeky chappy and I almost got run over shooting though a bus window.....but thats another story for another blog post.

So back to this shot. As I said i'd noticed these curtains and knew if I lit them with two different coloured gels from different sides, they would have quite a dramatic effect. We'd got quite a 'safe' shot in the bag here, so I thought i'd experiment a bit more and go for a more 'fashion' look here as I knew Eleanor's dress (and Jimmy Choo wedding shoes) would look amazing in full length and Nick's Savile Row wedding suit would also look incredibly dapper (i'd give him a 6/10 - private joke for those who heard the speeches). I love using red and blue's kinda become my go to colour combination as I think it's very dramatic and I don't think that you'd look at these images and say they were wedding photo's.....which is exactly what I aim for with my wedding photography.

So massive thanks to all the staff at the Century Club, SoHo, all the wedding guests for being a great laugh and a super huge congrats to two lovely lovely people on their marriage.

Oh and keep an eye out for the Miami Vice themed photo booth and if you want to see more of Eleanor and Nick check out their Shoreditch Street Art engagement shoot, by clicking the link.