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Super Cool London Couple

WeddingsAdam Bronkhorst2 Comments

I LOVE this picture!!!!!

I know I shouldn't be bigging up my own photography as us Brits don't do self promotion in that way, but come on.....I'm well proud of this shot!

So this is the very cool Isabel & Patrick (AKA Izzy & Paddy) who got married on the hottest day of the year, at what I think is one of the best wedding venues that I've ever shot at; the fantastic Rise Hall in Yorkshire......yes that one, owned by the lovely Sarah Beeny, you know, from those property programs.

I loved Rise Hall. It's not often that you get to shoot a wedding in a place that was designed purely for weddings. It's not an old country house that does the occasional wedding, it's there FOR weddings. So it just had the best atmosphere and because you get the whole of the house to just you and your guests it worked so well as a venue. Oh and the staff are great up there, so a massive thanks to the folks at Rise Hall.

Back to Izzy & Paddy, who are such fun to shoot and were so open to my creative ideas and didn't mind setting off confetti bombs in the house. They didn't mind getting blasted with bubbles on the lawn and they didn't mind standing outside in the dark, while we ran around them with smoke and coloured'll have to keep an eye on the site to see those last couple of shots.

Oh and Paddy wins the prize for the best photo booth. He drove to Bristol to pick up a few theatre flats and made a fake wall with picture frames, dado rail, wallpaper the works. AMAZING. Check out the Viva Facebook page to see the photo booth later in the week.

I haven't even got round to mentioning things like the most amazing wedding reading rapped by Izzy's sister during the ceremony (seriously if it ever goes on YouTube it's gonna go viral...its that good). The surprise opera singers, raving to the first dance, the coolest wedding guests (thanks Lucy & Graham for the beers), the 4.30am alarm in our hotel with the fire brigade called out. Shooting with the dapper Harry Watts. The best curry in Hull. The eight and a half hour drive up there. The heat. Man the heat.

Anyway, just look at the image above and you get an idea of how great the whole wedding was.