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Superheroes Engagement Shoot

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Thank you thank you thank you to Lou & Pete for being game and agreeing to our mad idea of getting them to dress up as Wonder Woman and Superman for their superhero themed engagement shoot. How cool are they! So you know that we like to do things in our own special way at Viva Wedding Photography. We refuse to do an engagement shoot like the millions that we've seen before, where the couple are having a 'Vintage Picnic' or something similar and cliche. Have a look at our past engagement shoots for some of the ideas that we've done in the past.

We'd only spoken on the phone to Pete before and never met either of them in person, but in testing the waters over some of our ideas, we asked Pete what kind of films they like watching. Pete told us that they are quite partial to superheroes movies (in fact Pete also told us on the engagement shoot that one of their first dates to the cinema was a choice between a chick flick and X-men. They ended up seeing X-men and Pete said he knew Lou was the girl for him then and there).

So with the superheroes theme in our minds we began to think of ideas. When we asked them which Superheroes do they see themselves as, and they said that Pete is Superman and Lou is Wonder Woman. That was it, there was no doubt in our mind that we were hiring them those costumes for the engagement shoot!

We decided to tone down our initial idea of having them run though the streets of town wearing the costumes and do a studio type shoot instead. Having a professional photographer shoot you for your wedding, is often the first time that most people have had their photograph taken properly and can be quite a daunting experience (unless you have the right photographer), espesially on a day when you are quite nervous anyway. That's why we always recomend having an engagement shoot as it just helps to get better images of your wedding. Although doing a very posed studio type shoot with studio lights etc. is nothing like how we shoot on wedding days, the purpouse of the engagement shoot was to show Lou & Pete that having your photo taken can be really fun, and they are now totally prepared for the photography on their wedding day.

We can't wait to shoot Lou & Pete's wedding and spendning more time with such a fun couple. Thanks so much guys.

If you'd like to talk to us about any cool and out there ideas for your engagement shoot, just give us a shout!


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