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quirky group shot

Autumn Camber Sands Wedding

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I love it when the summer is over and the sun is lower in the sky. You just get amazing light. 

Little would you know that about half an hour before these photos were taken it bucketed down with rain and when I say bucketed, I really mean it.

So this is Kyra & Mark's lovely fun Camber Sands wedding at The Gallivant just outside of Rye in East Sussex.

Massive congrats to them.

Quirky Essex Retro Wedding

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It's funny as a photographer when you go to a wedding venue and it's a very pretty venue with some nice scenic areas and none of them appeal to your inner creative voice. So you end up wondering around trying to work out where to do the couple portraits and you pick the area that is by the bins and round the back where the public don't get to see. 

I'm not sure why these areas worked for me? I think it's because i'm not the usual type of wedding photographer. 

Anyway, this was Amy and Paul's quirky Essex wedding and I'd like to wish them all the best and thanks for choosing me.....a slightly unconventional wedding photographer who likes the areas by the bins.

One from back in 2008

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I thought that it may be quite interesting to post an image from a wedding that I shot back in 2008, for you. I was trying to think of on image to feature for a quick blog post, and as I've done lots of sneak peeks recently, I thought it may be fun to post something from the archive and way back know, back in the day...lets go old skool....and all that.

Anyway, here is an image that I shot at the wedding of Brighton celebrity Kevin aka Lomokev and his beautiful wife Sarah aka RockCakes. Now this is one talented couple. Kevin is one of my favorite photographers and has been an inspiration to me in the past. If it were not for him, I wouldn't have written two books. And Sarah is an immensley talented jewler. Check out Lomokev's website here and Rock Cakes jewelery here.

I love that I get asked to shoot lots of photographers weddings. It just fills me with the confidence to know that people who do the same job you do, want you to do it for them. I can't think of any higher praise.

So the thinking behind this shot was that we were doing the big group shot in the Brighton Pavilion's amazing Music Room and knowing that there were one or two photographers as guests, I thought it might be fun to play on that and get them all to hold their cameras up.