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Quirky Essex Retro Wedding

Adam Bronkhorst1 Comment

It's funny as a photographer when you go to a wedding venue and it's a very pretty venue with some nice scenic areas and none of them appeal to your inner creative voice. So you end up wondering around trying to work out where to do the couple portraits and you pick the area that is by the bins and round the back where the public don't get to see. 

I'm not sure why these areas worked for me? I think it's because i'm not the usual type of wedding photographer. 

Anyway, this was Amy and Paul's quirky Essex wedding and I'd like to wish them all the best and thanks for choosing me.....a slightly unconventional wedding photographer who likes the areas by the bins.

Hotel Du Vin - Brighton Winter Wedding

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Brighton Winter Wedding

I was very pleased to be able to help my good friend Lisa Devlin to shoot Lel and John's fun winter wedding at the Hotel Du Vin in Brighton at the weekend.

Lel often second shoots for me and is a very talented photographer, so it's always fun and a complement to be asked to shoot a photographers wedding. I also work loads with Lisa Devlin who is an amazing photographer, but have never second shot a wedding with her before. It was nice to be able to return the favour as she shot with me about a year ago.

We ended up going down to the beach at dusk to do the couples shoot, despite it being freezing cold (Lel and John did so well) but I managed to grab them both when I'd spotted a potential image on a quick walkabout at the venue.

Thanks once again to Lisa and to Lel and John. It was a pleasure being there for you guys.

Every photo from a wedding

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all photos from a wedding from viva wedding photography on Vimeo.

OK so the first thing to admit is that I'm not a moving image guy. There i've said it. I'm great with stills and can capture how I see the world in frozen frames, but when it comes to moving images and more importantly putting them together i'm, well, crap. I just can't do it.

So i'm appologizing in advance as being the fastidious perfectionist, i'm not 100% happy with this video, there are a few white lines on the left of the screen that pop up and go away and a couple of other minor things, but anyway I'm 98% pleased with this short video that I put together to show every photo from a wedding.

I've just realised that this probably isn't the best way to start a blog post and that i'm rambling now. So lets starts again.

I thought it would be interesting to put together a little film of every photo from one wedding. Us photographers tend to put our best of the best photos up in our online gallery, but I think that it's really important for clients to see a all the photos from one wedding. Any 'Uncle Bob' / 'Friend with a camera' can take a handful of good photos at a wedding, but all of the photos that your photographer takes need to be of a particular standard. This is why I would always recommend hiring a professional wedding photographer to capture your big day for you (I would say that though).

Anyway, here are all of the photos delivered to Lucy & Adam, who's wedding I shot a couple of weeks ago. I think you can tell from the film that it was just one of the coolest weddings ever and hopefully you'll get a really good feel for the day as the photos tell the story of their wedding.

Oh and you may remember Lucy and Adam as they are international internet sensations after their flashmob tube proposal went viral. Watch that video here.

The Pirate Photo Booth

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As a famous rabbit once said "I'm late, I'm late, I'm late for a very important date" Well i'm not late, just behind in posting what I've been up to, so here is a photo booth from much earlier in the year.

This is from Allie & Matt's wedding which took place at Powder Mills Hotel in East Sussex. And I can't tell you how pleased I was that they went for a Pirate themed Photo Booth. So very cool.