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The dark engagement shoot

EngagementAdam Bronkhorst3 Comments

I suppose that I should explain why i've called this pre wedding / engagemement shoot 'The dark engagement shoot' first. When i'm shooting using natural light (yes I do do it) I tend to over expose my images by a stop. I just like the way that the images feel. Check out this spring time engagement shoot in Regents Park from last year as an example.

When the time came for Tori & Joss's pre wedding shoot, we met in Stanmer Park just outside Brighton, Sussex and it was a typical spring day in the UK. It was raining and really over clouded. It just felt dark. So as I like to mix things up with my photography, I thought that i'd underexpose this shoot. So this is about two stops under where I normally shoot. But in this case, it works and I really like the result.

Tori & Joss were both a pleasure to shoot, I know that they had been a bit worried about being infront of a camera. Most people are, but I worked really quickly and we had loads of fun with the shoot and I'm really looking forward to their wedding day as it should be a great one.

What do you guys think of the images, it's a break from my normal style a bit, but i'm interested to hear if you like them or not.

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