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The first kiss

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Last night Viva Wedding Photography shot an engagement shoot on London's South Bank with the lovely Paula & Alex, who are getting married at Islington Town Hall in a few weeks time. We've been thinking a lot about engagement shoots and what we can do with them. As we never like to do things the same as everyone else! So we decided that it might be fun to try and set up a little film-like story and shoot that.

Thankfully Paula & Alex, being the great couple that they are, agreed to play along with us and really got into the story and were amazing subjects to shoot. (Thank you so much guys.)

So the theme for the engagement shoot was an early date in their relationship (they used to go on dates to the South Bank loads) and it all centred around 'The first kiss'.

We'd imposed a few photography rules on ourselves, (we always like to make it hard for us and challenge ourselves). So we could only use one prime lens, with a fixed focal length of 85mm. We had to only shoot on f2.8 which created the lovely shallow depth of field. And positively no flash allowed!

Thankfully the gods of light were shining upon us and blessed us with the setting sun, so it all came together, a great couple, fantastic light and a really fun shoot.

We hope that we've captured a little bit of a couple falling in love and having that ever so exciting first kiss.

We think the shoot works really well as a story, so if you can, click on the first picture in the set and work your way though them. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this.

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